Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dzian! Summer Tour A' Go-Go!

Thursday evening at the Green Line Cafe, 45th and Locust! 

Dzian! and Electric Simcha are going to rock the joint.

The show is a $5-10 sliding scale and starts pretty promptly at 7PM.

Don't miss!

Here's more about our friends:

Dzian! (charlottesville VA) - vintage Asian garage-surf rock

Dzian! (pronounced “ze-an”) revives the ecstasy of vintage rock sound from Asia. The band curates and masters the style of Taiwanese a-go-go, Japanese eleki, Indo-rock, Thai disco and shadow music, Malaysian pop yeh yeh, Khmer pop, Middle Eastern bellydance surf, and Ventures hits enjoyed by Taiwanese puppetry bands and audiences. No gimmicks, only geeks. The band embodies Taiwanese “super-cool” by recreating Nakasi (那卡西), down-home, “fashionable” party music in pre-WWII Taiwan. Committed to spectaculars, Dzian! flaunts feather boas, LEDs, authentic costumes, and choreographed belly and go-go dance, while unabashedly delivering tunes in ten languages and counting. From Chinese buffets and shopping malls in Virginia to Manhattan’s Union Square and Taiwan Center in Flushing, the band has left a trail of joyous red boa feathers. Put on your swell dancing shoes, your thumbs up, and say, “Dzian!”


Stay tuned for info about a short tour at the end of the summer.

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