Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amazing Balkan Brass from Brooklyn!!!

Hi Everyone,

Electric Simcha is honored and excited to be sharing a bill with the AMAZING Ververitse Brass Band. This band is perhaps the tightest, most exciting band to emerge from fairly recent the wave of interest in Roma and non-Roma brass band music from the Balkans. In other words, they rock really hard. With The Horrible Department also involved, you should all be there with your dancing shoes.

It's Friday night at 7PM and its at the Rotunda.

See you there!

More about the other bands:

Ververitse is a sometimes 10-piece brass orchestra from NYC specializing in the Gypsy music of the Balkans!

The Horrible Department is a 5-peice band from West Philly combining accordion, french horn, guitar, bass, drums, and vocal harmony to develop its punk-derived approach to its theatrical and literary interests.

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